EPS (justeps) wrote,

"I think I miss the girl that I was hoping she was"

Tru: I'm sorry.

Jensen: It's fine.

Tru: We told you about what was in someone else's records. That's not fine.

Jensen: I--Lexi is the one that lied. She ... wanted to marry a doctor. Y'know, she settled for me because--I think I might be the last guy in the country who marries a girl just because she gets pregnant.

Tru: I like that you're that guy.

Jensen: I guess I'm, I'm happy that I found out when I did, you know?

Tru: You don't look happy. You look--like--you miss her.

Jensen: No. No, I don't think that's it. I think that ... I think I miss the girl that I was hoping she was. You know--witty, charming--and that caring about what it is that I did but also had--her own stuff, y'know, things that she cared about, friends that she cared about.

Tru: You'll find that person. I mean we all have to believe that there's someone out there ... the right person--for us.

Jensen: Sure. There's the right person for everybody.

--Tru Calling, "In the Dark"


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