EPS (justeps) wrote,

Mirror, Mirror (for the 21st century)

Earlier today, one of my friends asked if I'd heard about Apple's "Anti-Sexting" patent (PC World article). Other than being yet another sad example of pandering to the prudish/puritanical attitudes that make America the world's laughingstock, isn't the whole point of "sexting" not to send words, but photographs? As my friend said, if they can make facial recognition software [as included with Apple's iPhoto '09], why not "boob recognition?"

So here's an idea for you Android developers out there, to counter Apple's control-freakishness: don't try to discourage self-portraiture, but "make lemonade" by using it as a way to promote healthy body images. Maybe take a cue from Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty [which addresses self-esteem issues]. On the other hand, identifying signs of eating disorders might save lives (R.I.P., Karen Carpenter).

As technology improves, and higher resolution cameras become standard in smartphones, it might be possible to include early detection of melanoma, or even just "that acne looks serious; you really should see a dermatologist A.S.A.P."

Feel free to cite this posting as "prior art" if some bozo tries to patent this.

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