EPS (justeps) wrote,

The only "green" BART wants is yours

BART's service reductions take effect today. While there's been plenty of media coverage about the schedule changes, the "buried" news story is that they've simultaneously discontinued all of their remaining offline "QuickPlanner" offerings (Palm, iPod). They still offer a PDF version of their Fares and Schedules brochure (which I'm sure is great if you have a Kindle DX, and not so much otherwise).

They seem to be assuming that, in these recessionary times, after imposing an onerous fare increase half a year early, their riders are now eager to shell out big bucks for a smartphone with an unlimited data plan ... or are willing to pay up the wazoo for WiFi (BTW, their new BFF WiFi Rail thinks you'll be happy to hand over as much as $10 a day just as soon as they can finish becoming the exclusive provider on BART property). [Uh, which part of "monopolies are bad" is the difficult concept here?] If, for whatever reason, you don't have Internet access at the very instant you want BART information, tough!

Fortunately, the "dead tree" version is still available free of charge. For now.


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