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Stuff I Like: Hot Pockets Twisted Stix

Sometimes you just "need" a quick snack, and microwaveables are great when you don't want something cold. As frozen foods go, Hot Pockets aren't bad, but they're not as convenient as, say, a microwave burrito, since you have to fuss with a crisping sleeve. They also take two minutes to cook, and if you don't let them cool down enough before eating, you could burn yourself.

Twisted Stix fixes all that. Instead of two 4½ oz. stuffed sandwiches, you get five 2 oz. stuffed breadsticks. There's nothing complicated about them. Even three at once take less time than one regular Hot Pocket, and they're just as satisfying. Two of these, and a can of Coke, and you've got your four essential Geek Nutrients: salt, fat, sugar, and caffeine.

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