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Everything I need to know about the election I learned from television

The Ori-publicans are religious zealots who draw power from their followers. They claim their way offers the one true path to peace and prosperity, but it's all a sham: they have no intention of making good on their promises.

Why is my head in a toilet seat?
Their nominal leader serves unseen entities who reside in hellfire.

Stop staring at my backside; you're not getting any.
Pasty-complected pitchmen travel hither and yon to recruit adherents, ruthlessly attacking their opponents. Now they're joined by an attractive brunette, who "came out of nowhere" to take center stage in an epic battle for domination.

Who replaced my hand lotion with Krazy Glue?
You know Obam'a and Master Bi'den won't give up without a fight.

This noncommercial parody uses portions of copyrighted images from the Stargate SG-1 television series, property of MGM. No infringement is intended.


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