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There's no justice

23rd September, 2014. 1:10 pm. Using the Brother P-touch PT-2730 with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

The Brother P-touch PT-2730 PC-Connectable Labeling System isn't supported on Linux. There's a CUPS driver for some P-touch models (via the printer-driver-ptouch package), but this isn't one of them, and trying to substitute a "similar" driver won't actually work — it will simply feed blank tape and frustrate you.

So, I looked at what their Windoze software generates, and it turns out to be incredibly simple, and quite easy to replicate.

Basically, the PT-2730 is a 180dpi monochrome raster printer that can output rows up to 128 pixels wide. It also has a cutting mechanism. That's all there is to it. None of the built-in fonts, label templates, etc. are accessible. You have to render your own bitmaps.

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