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There's no justice

1st July, 2009. 3:09 am. What's the opposite of "Economic Stimulus?"

BART jacks up their fares today, with the biggest slap-in-the face going to air travelers.

BART from Civic Center station (i.e. 7th-8th St. & Market) to SFO (or vice versa) now costs a whopping $8.10 (a >51% price increase), and takes half an hour.

In comparison, the SamTrans KX bus from 7th and Mission (a block away) costs $4.50, and gets you to SFO in around 22 minutes.

Other than running twice as frequently — that is, until the announced service reductions that will take effect in September — what exactly does BART have going for it? Oh yeah, they'll transport baggage most airlines used to let you check for free. Big ouch there.

This isn't just another greedy soak-the-tourists revenue scheme; it hurts people who live here more.

Current mood: annoyed.

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