July 13th, 2008

An entertaining Sunday afternoon

I saw the San Francisco Mime Troupe perform Red State in Yerba Buena Gardens this afternoon. This hour-long show is surprisingly gentle in its political commentary, though quite merciless in its jabs at CNN. More...Collapse )

Afterward, I went inside the Metreon to see Kung Fu Panda on the IMAX screen. I hadn't been particularly impressed by the trailers, but I assure you they didn't give away the best scenes.

SynopsisCollapse )

OK, the story's familiar, and Jack Black can be a bit grating at times. But the screenplay is surprisingly good, Jack Black isn't that over the top (most of the time), and Randall Duk Kim and Angelina Jolie are both excellent in their supporting roles. Plus, the animation's superb.

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