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Opera's [Site] Navigation Bar

The Opera web browser offers a [Site] Navigation Bar with 13 predefined buttons that are enabled if a document contains certain <LINK> tags within its <HEAD>, e.g.:

<LINK REL=Help HREF="help.html">

I couldn't find any clear documentation on which specific REL= values mapped to the various buttons, so here's a little "cheat sheet":

Button LINK REL= Defined by
Home Start HTML 4.0/4.01
start synonym for first in HTML 5 draft
top HTML 3.2 (synonym for index in HTML 5 draft)
Home HTML 3.0 draft
Index Index HTML 3.0 draft/4.0/4.01
index HTML 3.2/5 draft
Contents Contents HTML 4.0/4.01
contents HTML 3.2 (synonym for index in HTML 5 draft)
ToC HTML 3.0 draft
toc synonym for index in HTML 5 draft
Search search HTML 3.2/5 draft
find Opera
Glossary Glossary HTML 3.0 draft/4.0/4.01
glossary HTML 3.2
Help Help HTML 3.0 draft/4.0/4.01
help HTML 3.2/5 draft
First first HTML 5 draft
begin synonym for first in HTML 5 draft
Previous Prev HTML 4.0/4.01
prev HTML 5 draft
previous HTML 3.2 (synonym for prev in HTML 5 draft)
Previous HTML 3.0 draft
Next Next HTML 3.0 draft/4.0/4.01
next HTML 3.2/5 draft
Last last HTML 5 draft
Up Up HTML 3.0 draft
up HTML 5 draft
Copyright Copyright HTML 3.0 draft/4.0/4.01
copyright HTML 3.2 (synonym for license in HTML 5 draft)
Author author HTML 5 draft

N.B. The HTML 3.0 draft effectively died; HTML 2.0 was succeeded by HTML 3.2. xhtml 1.0 is mostly equivalent to HTML 4.01 (put everything in lower case). No real-world browsers implement HTML 5 draft; as currently envisioned, it breaks more than it fixes, IMHO...

Warning: Use of Next may trigger automatic prefetching in Mozilla browsers. You can disable this via about:config by setting network.prefetch-next to false.


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