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A Rat's Life, et al.

If Ratatouille doesn't take home a basket of Oscars, there's something seriously wrong with the Academy. (Can you say "Sound Design?") This is an animated film that can hold its own against any live-action feature. See it in a DLP-equipped theater if possible. Minor peeve: too much written English (books, signage) for scenes set in France (I'd have been happier with subtitles). Four stars.

I wasn't as impressed with Lifted (the preceding Pixar short). However, the animation is first rate, and that's the point: to remind PDI/Dreamworks, Sony, etc. who's top dog.

Sicko is a must-see, and probably not for the reason you think. Part documentary, part "reality show," it isn't so much about the sad state of health care in this country as questioning who we are as Americans, and what we've become. Have we lost our humanity? Our soul? Michael Moore takes us on a journey that spans several decades and several continents. As long as there are people like him out there, there's hope for the rest of us. Three and a half stars.

The Simpsons Movie may look like a cartoon, but it's not for kids, and it doesn't disappoint. Homer's compassionate act gone horribly wrong sets the stage for an edgier script than you're used to seeing on TV. I don't know if it will pass the test of time, but it's funny, offensive, brilliant, and stupid. This would make a good "date movie" if your date is a Simpsons fan. Three and a half stars.

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