EPS (justeps) wrote,

Past performance is no guarantee of future results

I bought memberships in this year's Norwescon and ConDor last year. However, ConDor's dates were listed as TBA, and I simply assumed they wouldn't do anything majorly stupid, because, well, they never have in the past. Norwescon is always Easter weekend, and Easter comes "early" this year; ConDor is running much later than normal, and the two--for the first time ever--are happening simultaneously. In a futile attempt to try to be in two places at once, I may end up missing out on both ... unless deeply discounted last-minute airfares magically appear next week, in which case I might be able to attend half of one.

In hindsight, I probably should have just blown off ConDor, and booked a roundtrip to Seattle on Alaska while cheap seats were still available. San Diego is almost always an inexpensive destination for me, with Easter weekend being one of the [predictably] notable exceptions. It's hard to justify spending $500+ to fly up and down the west coast, especially when that amount would let me travel all the way across the continent and back. Twice.


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