EPS (justeps) wrote,

What I Like About Where I Live

Posted by request


  • West of Twin Peaks = favorable microclimate (more sunny days)
  • Very low risk of damage in a major earthquake: 2nd-best ground underneath according to USGS (serpentine?)
  • On side of a hill = water doesn't accumulate during heavy rains
  • Convenient walking distance to all six Muni Metro Light Rail lines, the F-Market Historic Streetcars, and BART
  • Many different places to shop for food within convenient walking distance: multiple competing supermarkets, plus Costco, Rainbow Grocery, Smart & Final, Trader Joe's, and two different bakery outlets
  • Less than half a mile wire distance from one of the better-equipped AT&T Central Offices = ability to get reliable data service at the highest speed currently offered to any residential customer
  • Telephone rate center in S.F. Central, offering optimal local calling area (unlike 2/3 of the city)
  • Excellent over-the-air TV reception from both Mt. Sutro and Mt. San Bruno; no need for cable TV or satellite dish to view local broadcast stations


  • Large, south-facing windows bring in natural light all day long
  • "Greenhouse Effect" (and good insulation) completely eliminates need for heating
  • Not facing street = reduced exposure to exhaust fumes, traffic noise
  • Windows face open space, adjacent buildings have no windows
  • No migraine-inducing fluorescent lighting
  • Most utilities included
  • 24 hr. access to laundry facilities, at lower cost than neighborhood laundromats
  • Earthquake-resilient construction
  • Apartment above ground level = better security
  • Apartment on low floor = less painful to ascend/descend stairs
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