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Catching up on things

I haven't been reading LJ for a couple of weeks (nor ./--no great loss), so I read my Friends page as far back as it would go (which probably wasn't far enough). No, I don't have time to read all the comments. Apologies if there's something you think I should know that fell through the cracks.

Last week, I accepted an invitation to join some friends seeing The Last Mimzy. The good: it's an attempt to present a short story in Outer Limits style. The bad: we got the Hollywood version, and I'm not just talking about the ending.

First, it's A Movie with a Message. Take care of the planet, or else bad things will happen. Sound familiar? In fact, just about everything in this film's been recycled: you've seen it all before, just not all in one place. Second, it's clearly an American rendition, with the obligatory "we're from the government, and we're not here to help," "parents must demonstrate a nearly complete inability to relate to their children," "what the heck is going on in our public schools," etc. Unfortunately, their approach to ridiculing the government seriously dates the film--it's pretty clearly post-9/11, and arguably post-Katrina. I could also do without the product placement and the music (the Roger Waters song played over the end credits is particularly bizarre). I'm interested in the story, not the soundtrack. The story is fine. I just wish they'd given the screenplay a rewrite or three. Not much else I would change, except a bit of the (second-unit?) cinematography near the beginning; panning wide shots: not such a good idea. Worth seeing on the big screen, but should do well on DVD.

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