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Oh say, can you C41?

My local Costco warehouse has signs posted at the registers informing customers that, effective February 1, 2007, photo processing will only be handled by their in-store "one hour photo" service. I've been dropping off 35mm rolls for years (almost always for "Kodak Premium Processing"), and this isn't welcome news.

I don't own a digital camera. I don't think I want to own a digital camera. Decent ones are fairly expensive--much more than my film "habit" has cost me. They seem to suffer from more severe "planned obsolesence" than iPods (I don't have one of those silly things, either). And manufacturers seem so obsessed with loading them down with oodles of useless "features," they're just plain hard to use. That is unless, of course, you skip the "consumer" models and head straight for the "pro" stuff. That's fine for the Robb Report crowd, but not exactly in my budget.

Back in the days when it took half an hour to get a good scan off a color print, I might have been more receptive ... but ever since I've had the option to request a "photo CD" along with develop+print, that's proven more than adequate for my needs.

Excuse me, I seem to be having "an `Andy Rooney' moment" right now.


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