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Trader Joe's' Thai Noodle Boxes

Trader Joe's has three new shelf-stable microwavable noodle boxes "inspired by the noodle carts on the streets of Bangkok." They're "legitimate," in that they're imported from Thailand, but their authenticity is somewhat suspect, since they're formulated to be vegan. They're not awful, just missing something--perhaps a dash of fish sauce--that's essential to completing the customary mix of flavors.

Each package contains a "chinese takeout" box, a clear plastic bag of noodles, and a silvery bag of sauce (similar to, but smaller than, what's used in Trader Joe's Indian Fare). There's plenty of room left in the box for you to add your own extras ... chicken, abura-age (or nama-age), shrimp, and scrambled egg come to mind.

Trader Ming's Pad Thai Noodles & Sauce
The biggest surprise here was finding udon noodles in place of the expected rice noodles. OK as is, but I'd probably want to add some form of protein.
Trader Ming's Satay Noodles & Sauce
Very reminiscent of dan-dan mein, although not as spicy.
Trader Ming's Kung Po Noodles & Sauce
They got the spiciness exactly right, but it's definitely unfinished. Needs chicken and whole peanuts for sure.

Each package contains 11.6 oz (330g). The "Nutrition Facts" label claims two servings, but this really is a meal for one. I think $1.99 is a bit much to ask for what you get, but you are paying for a convenience product (no need to add water; serving container included). These (at least the Pad Thai and the Satay) seem like a good thing to keep around for lunch on a rainy day.

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