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The Terrorists Have Won

In yet another successful attack on Freedom to Travel, this morning, the TSA has banned all liquids, gels, toothpaste(!), and any items of similar consistency from being brought onboard commercial aircraft.

I have extremely dry skin--bad enough to cause my flesh to spontaneously crack and bleed (which is quite painful when it happens to fingers or lips). Whenever I travel, I bring ChapStick®, various hand lotions, hypoallergenic liquid soaps and bath gel, nonirritating shampoos, etc. During a long flight, I may need to reapply ChapStick® and/or lotion several times (especially after handwashing). I won't even get into why it's a good idea to brush my teeth frequently, and have a pre-brushing rinse and/or mouthwash in my carry-on. I'll typically also have bandages (I can't use the most popular brand; I'm allergic to the adhesive) and possibly a well-known triple-antibiotic ointment (which probably falls in the "gel" category).

Also, it's not unusual for me to make several connections during a transcontinental trip. I may have as much as three and a half hours between connecting flights, with no access to anything that is not on my person, or in hand-carried baggage. Checking baggage is almost certainly a bad idea. The last time I went to Boston, my Samsonite ended up in Washington D.C., and didn't find its way back to me for over 24 hours. Fortunately, I had two days clothes in my carry-on, along with everything else I needed immediately.

There's also been talk of banning personal electronics. Except for very short trips (e.g. S.F.-L.A. and back), the one thing I've found that makes aircraft cabins tolerable is noise-canceling headphones. They aren't confiscating those in the U.S. ... yet. And yes, I do need to carry that cell phone.


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